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Apr 13, 2020

This is a special episode because it was done in collaboration with the University of Houston Law School student organization for First Generation Law Students. Lavonne is an alumni of the University of Houston Law School but before that, she attended Howard University and Johns Hopkins University where she obtained her Masters in Biomedical Engineering and performed her post-doc work. Lavonne was on track to go to medical school but was drawn to the law in the hopes that she could leverage her engineering background into a career as a patent litigator. She started her career at Vinson & Elkins and as she was mastering her skills as a lawyer, she retooled to become an expert in cybersecurity. Lavonne’s drive and work ethic are unmatched and I am thrilled to share with you how she was able to do it. Special thanks to Latham and Watkins and the University of Houston Law School for making this episode happen.