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Mar 25, 2019

In this mini episode, Allison talks with her mom about her background, what she was like as a kid, and how important their relationship has been to her success.



Mar 18, 2019

A New England native, Catherine is a former in-house lawyer turned law firm business development consultant turned entrepreneur. Catherine talks about what it takes to become a rainmaker in a law firm and offers terrific advice on how you can set yourself apart to create your authentic brand.

Mar 11, 2019

A graduate of The University of Texas and SMU Law School, Becky started her legal career clerking for Judge Irving Goldberg with the 5th Circuit, then Chief Justice Burger for the United States Supreme Court. Becky spent many years in private practice where she primarily practiced tax law before going in-house to LHP....

Mar 4, 2019

A graduate of Yale University and Columbia Law School, Iris is a former big law corporate lawyer. She went in-house to Google 12 years ago in New York where she was the lead commercial attorney supporting the company’s ad business. Now, Iris leads the product development and commercial transactions team for...