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Oct 17, 2022

Today’s episode is a panel discussion with several impressive ladies - including Kelli Roach (General Counsel of Black Mountain Sand), Christina Sanders (General Counsel of NGP ETP, and Casey Moore (Senior Counsel for Litigation at Vistra Corp). Each of them is a member of the Women’s Energy Network - North Texas Division. The vision of the Women’s Energy Network is to provide networking and community outreach opportunities and foster career and leadership development. Although I spoke with lawyers today, the organization invites women from all different backgrounds. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Kelli, Christina, and Casey. They shared valuable advice, interesting experiences, and lots of laughs too. But I think my favorite moments in our conversation were the really specific, tangible examples of how they’ve all managed to overcome challenges and insecurities. They’re all talented lawyers and I so appreciated learning more about how they got to where they are.