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Sep 21, 2020

Today I share brief, but meaningful, conversations with 3 women from across the country--all with very different jobs. First, I spoke with a friend and listener of the podcast, Maryann Zaki. Maryann is a litigation associate at Morgan Lewis in Houston and a mom of two young girls. She spoke about the importance of voicing your needs, wants, and concerns in your career. I next spoke with Kimberly Diego, a solo criminal defense lawyer in Denver, Colorado. Kim talked about how to relate and empathize with your clients, which has furthered her efforts to be a trusted advisor. Lastly, I spoke with Nikita Tuckett, Lead Counsel for Product at Facebook. Nikita and I exchanged messages to cover certain talking points, which I will walk you through. As you will hear, Nikita shares some of the best advice she has been given. I hope you enjoy this new approach and if you do, please let me know!