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Jun 27, 2024

Today I’m talking with Maria Daatio Perez, Senior Counsel & Director for Advertising, Marketing, Content Review, S&P, and E-Commerce. Maria was so fun to chat with. She spoke about her immigrant family’s background, her days in undergrad at UC Santa Barbara, and how she came around to the decision to go to law school. She ultimately attended Southwestern Law School and when she graduated, she wanted to be an entertainment lawyer. She made her way into a startup of sorts, a company called Maker Studios, that was later acquired by Disney. Maria later took a job at Facebook back in the bay area (where she is from originally). At that time, Maria and her husband-to-be were long-distance and commuting to and from southern California to the bay. After that, Maria landed a job at Mattel where she focuses on advertising and marketing issues. Maria was super involved in all the Barbie movie promotional work so you’ll hear me ask about that. I had such a great connection with Maria. I think you’ll hear that and I hope you enjoy the episode.