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Jun 12, 2024

Today I’m talking with Sara Kamal, Legal Counsel at Yum! Brands. This was an especially fun interview for me because Sara is one of my closest friends. She and I met when she was actually a client of my firm and we were working together on an arbitration matter. It didn’t take long for us to become friends. She is someone I count on all the time to give me a work advice so I’m really excited for you all to hear her insight. But, before we dive into the interview, let me tell you about Sara’s background. She was born in Egypt and moved to the States with her family when she was just a baby. She attended the University of Texas where she majored in accounting. She later moved to Washington D.C. and after law school did a fellowship focused on public policy. After her stint in D.C., Sara moved back to Texas (the Dallas-Fort Worth area) and began working for a small firm. She cut her teeth for a couple years learning everything she could about the law, getting diverse experience in all different subject matters. Sara then moved in-house to Dickey’s Barbecue during the pandemic, where she wore many hats and handled various legal issues, including some especially complicated matters where she had no prior experience. Not surprising to anyone who knows Sara, she handled it like a champ. And that experience is, in part, what gave her the confidence to join Yum! Where she is crushing it y’all. She won’t say that, so I’ll say it for her. She’s GREAT at her job. She has a natural ability to gain the trust of her clients and you couldn’t ask for a better team player. I hope you enjoy this conversation with one of my dearest friends.