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May 1, 2024

Today I’m talking with Erin Borg, Vice President and Assistant General Counsel for the Neiman Marcus Group. Erin is an Arizona native who moved across the country to attend Indiana University Bloomington where she studied political science. She would later return to Arizona to attend the University of Arizona for law school. But, before that, she made a stop to intern at the White House during the Clinton administration. It was her time in Washington D.C. that helped Erin decide she wanted to pursue a legal career. She started out her practice in private practice but made the move in-house to US Airways (now American Airlines) where she primarily focused on labor and employment issues. Erin made a few more stops in-house before landing at Neiman Marcus Group. She speaks openly about why she made the moves she did and how she thinks it has (or has not) impacted her long term. On the whole, through her experiences, Erin has developed a well rounded practice and expertise that has positioned her well for her current position and any role she may have down the road. I found a lot of good takeaways from our conversation, including how we both still deal with imposter syndrome. And y’all…this isn’t a generic discussion about how I question whether I deserve to be a lawyer. We keep it real…giving legit examples of how it shows up for both of us. Please enjoy listening to Erin Borg.