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Dec 23, 2021

Today I’m talking with Amy Guzzy, General Counsel of Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores in Oklahoma City. Amy is from Tulsa, Oklahoma and attended Texas Christian University for undergrad where she studied merchandising and business. Amy then attended the University of Oklahoma for law school. After law school, Amy went into private practice with a focus on real estate but it wasn’t long before Amy began diversifying her experience and expertise. She would end up spending five years seeking out meaningful opportunities with her firm and building a resume that few could compete with, which is what made Amy perfect for the job of Love’s first in-house lawyer almost 17 years ago. There were many valuable lessons that I soaked up during my discussion with Amy but I’ll share two here. First is the importance of continuously educating yourself and surrounding yourself with smart, trustworthy people. Second, is the positive impact that a team or family mindset can have on one’s career. As you listen to Amy’s story, you’ll understand how she became a trusted advisor to the Love’s family and built Love’s legal department from the ground up. And while she’s become an integral part of the Love’s family, Amy has built a beautiful family of her own. She’s been married to her husband, Christian (who is also a successful lawyer), for 22 years. The two live in Oklahoma City and have three wonderful children: Ellison who is a junior in college, Quincy, who is a high school senior, and Grey who is a freshman. I think I speak for all of them when I say Amy’s family has so much to be proud of. And, I’m hopeful, you all will agree with me after listening to our conversation. Please enjoy.